Minton Hollins Collection

Minton Hollins Collection

Ceramic tiles from the Minton Hollins collection

The ceramic tiles from the Minton Hollins collection take any room to a time of patterned elements, rustic country engravings, delicate images and colourful displays. This authentic collection offers a wide selection of versatile design solutions to suit every style. The ALICE ceramic tile embodies the natural beauty of English gardens, with wide flowers, beautiful patterns and bright blue shades.

Straightforward and elegant at the same time, the patterned BAROQUE tiles from the Minton Hollins collection impress, giving every room a completely new style. The choice ranges from the rustic country house style to the idyllic flora and fauna of secluded natural scenarios to the creations of an artist like William Morris. The ceramics become a work of art and give an impression of how extraordinarily a room ambience changes – only through a new tile design.

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