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cristalgrip® – The new way to lay tiles

Cristalgrip is a simple and quick way for all those who do not want to put up with a lot of effort when laying tiles. With this product you can lay tiles without mixing mortar or glue beforehand.

What is cristalgrip?

cristalgrip is wall In addition, this building material is a completely new and clean form of tile application, because you get by without any glue or mortar.

How does cristalgrip work?

The Johnson-Tiles cristalgrip is simply cut to the desired size and fixed to the wall. The counterpart is then fixed to the back of the tile so that it can be glued to the wall.

One of the biggest advantages of this method is that you can loosen the tiles at any time and then, for example, reattach them. Would you like to buy a new sample without new tiles? With cristalgrip® this is no longer a problem.

Laying tiles without mixing mortar or glue

Mixing mortar and adhesive is not only laborious, but also involves a lot of dirt. If you don’t want to do this, cristalgrip can prove to be an excellent option for you, as it allows you to work cleanly, efficiently and quickly.

In addition, you remain flexible because you can rearrange or simply replace the tiles at any time. Again, you don’t have to do a lot of work because the tiles are removed from the wall with a spatula without causing dirt.

The advantages of cristalgrip

  • Quick and easy processing
  • Wall tiles can also be attached without any previous knowledge of craftsmanship
  • Dirt-free laying of tiles
  • Glue and mortar do not need to be mixed
  • Tiles can be removed from the wall at any time, which also does not cause dirt.
  • You can create new tile patterns at any time using the existing tiles.
  • Application of cristalgrip: Preparation of wall support fabric

Working with cristalgrip is child’s play. First you have to prepare the wall support fabric. This is delivered on a roll, where you can choose between different widths.

Cut the backing fabric to the desired length.

This fabric is a self-adhesive material with a protective film, similar to a window film. You must now remove this film. It is best to remove only the first few centimetres and fix the adhesive side to the special spirit level so that you can attach the fabric straight to the wall.

Now place the spirit level on the wall so that the fabric sticks. Peel off the foil gradually and smooth the fabric with a grater.

Glue the required number of sheets next to each other. Then use the special adhesive tape that is glued to the transitions between the sheets to provide the greatest possible hold while preventing water from entering the joints. This is particularly important for damp rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Application of cristalgrip: Fixing tiles to the wall

No adhesive is required for gluing the tiles to the wall either, because you are working with a so-called adhesive fabric, which at first glance resembles a Velcro fastener. This is also available in different widths, namely in the usual tile widths. You simply cut the adhesive fabric to the length of the tiles and stick it to the back of the tiles. You can also use a spirit level for this purpose.

If the adhesive fabric is attached to the back of the tile, remove the protective film and fix the tile to the wall.

To do this you can first fix the spirit level to the wall so that it serves as a guide where to glue the tiles. The special feature of this system is that you do not have to start tiling in a corner of the room. Start where you like it.

To obtain the necessary spacing between the tiles, work with the special spacers. These allow both the cross joint and the staggered joint.

Application of cristalgrip: Removing tiles from the wall

Removing the tiles is then child’s play with cristalgrip®. Simply pick up the appropriate spatula and lift the tile off the wall. This allows you to design your room flexibly at any time.

This process has a decisive advantage over gluing tiles with conventional adhesive: you don’t have to hurry because the adhesive tape doesn’t dry. The adhesive, on the other hand, would harden so that you would no longer be able to move the tiles. If they stick once, they can only be removed with vi


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