Representation of the company Röben in England and Ireland – industrial tiles and Poroton

Floor ceramics

Only a few floor coverings meet the enormously high demands placed on a floor in the commercial or industrial sector. Röben floor ceramics is undisputedly one of them. Particularly high-quality industrial tiles with a very good slip resistance are produced.

Röben floor ceramics (industrial tiles) is above average:

  • hard-wearing
  • accurate
  • pressure-resistant
  • non-slip
  • low-maintenance
  • colourfast
  • with all system accessories for wall closures, staircases and
  • other demanding areas.

Finally, the Röben V-Spacer and the fire sealant (which absorbs only approx. 0.1% of water!) are the icing on the cake that guarantee planners and fabricators a reassuring safety margin well above the DIN standard.
Especially when it comes to the rational laying of large surfaces using the vibration method.

Example and references of the company Röben


In recent years, Poroton has developed into a mature building material without compromising the well-known advantages of traditional bricks.
The focus was and still is on improving the thermal insulation properties. Not only the situation on the energy market or the pressure of the legislator but also the insight of the individual have led to the fact that today we deal more consciously with our resources and our environment. In view of the fact that a large proportion of our energy is still consumed in private households, this is urgently required.

Space heating, hot water preparation and ventilation are an important starting point for energy savings, accounting for around one third of the energy requirement. The new EnEV takes up this aspect with the aim of reducing heating energy requirements by a further 25 to 30 percent compared with the 1995 Heat Insulation Ordinance.

As a result, building materials and construction methods with lower thermal conductivity are already increasingly in demand. This primarily includes the double-shell brickwork made of Poroton bricks with clinkers or facing bricks.

Clay roof tiles

A typical quality feature of the clay roof tile is its natural colour. A powerful natural red that can only come from pure clay in fire. Alternatives to this colour – the roof does not always have to be red – are engobes and glazes that are applied before the fire. Both are nothing more than clay slurries, i.e. a ceramic surface. The difference lies solely in the gloss. Firmly bonded to the shards in the fire, these colours lose nothing of their unique beauty even after many, many years. Which roof colour best matches a red, white or other coloured brick façade is ultimately left to personal taste. Good, if you then have the choice.

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